Friday, March 25, 2011

Beautiful blue lamp with "Prom dress" shade

This beautiful lamp is the perfect addition to your cottage, romantic, or european country home.
It's glass and metal with a marble base.

The shade has been totally recovered with burlap. Hand stretched and hand sewn into place. I love ruffles and love the addition of tule ruffles on this shade, also hand made and hand sewn onto the burlap.

 My youngest daughter is my co-designer on this project and we named this original design the "Prom Dress" shade.

"Prom Dress" lamp and shade, by Ella Hatfield (and Kathleen Hatfield)...............$50.00
(shipping is additional)
This is featured in the Buckley shop, you can see it up close and personal there. 

Friday, March 4, 2011

Audrey ornaments.........$9.00
Audrey ornaments by Victoria are made from vintage tin tart trays, with crystal and rhinestone accents. All hand made with new and vintage trims.
(shipping additional)

Tassels.............$12.00 ea
Tassels designed by Ella are made of vintage silver salt and pepper shakers. 
 (shipping additional)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Vintage turquoise glasses (set of 5).........$16.00
Great turquoise color with removable "collar", for washing. Embellishment made of ruffled vintage crepe paper and hand dyed vintage ribbon. Metal key is new.
(shipping additional charge) 

Pin cushions made from Vintage creamer and sugar by Ella........$12.00
One of a kind and made by hand  from vintage creamer and sugar bowls. Embellished with vintage lace and buttons.

Cottage Totes and Purses by Ella Hatfield.........$25
All one of a kind hand made with new and vintage materials. Each is totally lined and washable in delicate and line dry.

Cottage "Everything" bags are a perfect addition to your cottage tote or on their own. Each is hand made, fully lined, with zip close.......$10
(shipping is additional $5 per bag, multiple bags shipping will be discounted)

The Perfect addition to your "Nest" by Victoria Beck..........$14.00
Vintage book colors may very, all embellishments are hand made and hand applied.
(shipping is additional, please contact us for details)

Book bundles.............$12.00
Made from vintage books
(shipping additional charge)

Journals by Victoria Beck...........$8.95
Each is One of a kind with Hand applied Embellishments, includes lined paper and pen.